Friday, November 23, 2007

Pura Vida baby!

Sitting in an office in downtown San Jose right now looking out at the blue sky. The weather in this city is perfect, reminds me of a spring day or just after a summer rain...warm, yet cool and fresh. That's the thing, everyone thinks that it's steaming hot in Costa Rica. It is, but just on the coasts, in the mountains it's perfect for riding. Speaking of that, our Pura Vida trips are filling up so if you are thinking of coming along this winter...let's go! I strongly recommend combining the trip up with a few days on the beach. How about that: ride hard then chill hard on some of the finest beaches on the planet. I'm down here doing some recon for a few film shoots that might go down this winter then i'm hitting the road bike for a first ever coast to coast ride that starts in a few days. I didn't know that they paved roads nearly vert...she's going to be STEEP! Looking forward to some solid exercise before heading home to winter and storm laps at Whistler. Yeeehaw!

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