Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pacific to Caribbean in Costa

Hey, how's it going eh? All's well with me, the adventure continues here. I am sitting in one of the nicest hotels that i've ever stayed in near a town called Pacueras somewhere on the way to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. 12 of us are doing a road ride from the Pacific, over a whole bunch of very steep hills and mountains to the other coast. This is our first trip here with our sister company, Cycleventures, but definitely not our last. This trip is going to become an annual classic! Highlights? Where to start...we started the trip in this ridiculous hotel perched on the top of a mountain overlooking the ocean, then we began to pedal... It was hot for the first few days than as we got into the mountains it cooled off nicely. Our biggest day was a climb up 3450 meter Volcan Irazu, the highest active volcano in Costa. Ouch. For me, one of my hardest days on a road bike, but SO worth it. Some head winds, steep sections and altitude. The riding has been unreal on this trip and it's kicking us all into great shape. I will be very ready for powder in Whistler last this week!!! Tomorrow we ride 50 km than hop in a boat up a river for 2 hours to a remote lodge (only accessable by boat or plane) called Tortuego that's tucked up at the Nicaragua border. We are going to relax up there and do some eco boat trips with a guide and check out the wildlife before taking a small plane back to San Jose on Tuesday.

Here's a few shots...Paulo chilling after a climb and then railing a swooping corner on the way down Irazu! Yeehaw!

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