Tuesday, August 28, 2007


A few days ago i was lucky to ride with some old friends and new friends that where passing through the Alps doing a story for Bike. Holger Meyer, from Germany who rides for Scott USA, Hans Rey, photographer Scott Markewitz from Utah and journalist Dan Caruso, a funny American living in Davos Switzerland. I met the crew in a little town way up in the mountains. After about 9 back-to-back coffees we decided to pin it to Zermatt for some big mountain riding and photography. We were not disappointed...the sun was shinning and we shuttled up to 3100 meters. I took the boys on one of my favorite rides on the planet, a 4500-foot ripper that takes over an hour if your ride it non-stop. This trail is over the top. Keep your eyes peeled in Bike next year, she'll be a good tale for sure. Hint: think Haute Route on bikes.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Heading to Zermatt today on the Alpenrock trip. The trip started off well weather-wise but it's turned grey with sporadic precip and even snow at higher elevations. Snow in August! That's what you get in the big mountains eh? At least we had stellar weather for the first 3 days in Verbier and the Rhone. Regardless of the conditions, our group is pumped to ride their bikes and the level of stoke. We've been lapping up the big descents like a kitty with a cup of milk. Yesterday we rolled into our Sierre hotel after 9pm, covered in mud and starving. We descended 12,000 feet...two Brazillians. The hotel was fine with the mud. Gabe from Miami has never ridden in snow...he's praying for it. Today might be the day...will keep you posted. Cheers!

Monday, August 13, 2007


A few days ago we were riding back from Klosters to Davos and came upon yet another turnstile and electric fence. They are common in the Swiss Alps to let hikers through but not cattle. I cursed briefly as i do as we were pinning down a sweet section of trail and had to stop, yet again. I tossed my bike over the electric fence part while Paulo opted to go through the turnstile...little did he know but the fence went up and over and as soon as he hit the fence above him with his bike he got shocked. He was OK despite doing a little scorpion dance and leaving his Kona hanging. The bike was buzzing, literally, as it hung there! Good thing he was OK...one tough Costa Rican!

This other pic is Nathalie Grether...hailing from Whistler BC. I was filming helmet cam with Nat today and she is a serious RIPPER! Yeeehaw...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Riding in Livigno Italia and Santa Maria CH

Sorry it's been a while. We've been at a hotel where i could not get on the internet, just download emails. More info than you need to know, i know. Riding's been stellar; left Davos for Poschiavo, this little squeak of a town with a load of classic European style in a deep valley with a little red train that runs though it. Shuttled up a mad mad road in a Beamer X-somethingrather SUV to a valley in the middle of nowhere, hike a biked for about an hour to a pass and a statue of the Madonna that is the border of Italy and Switzerland...and then proceeded to shred 1800 meters of DH down to Italy. The trails been dubbed The Smuggler as it was an old smuggling route. Originally it was used by WWI as a military road. You should have seen the work that went into this thing - massive rocks pilled up and the grade is always 8%. Makes for damn good downhilling. Then swung over to Livigno and hooked up with our friend Darco and Hans Rey for a few days. By the way, Hans Rey is one of the nicest people, besides the fact that he rips!!!!!! If you ever get a chance to meet him, you'll be stoked. Livingo was buffed and rapido. Rode a killer trail in Bormio Italy too! Thanks for the riding Hans! Now we are in Santa Maria, a hamlet of a place in the far east of Switzerland where people speak Romanesch...an ancient dialect. It's real pretty here. I am officially BLOWN. We pedalled 50 kms today...and i feel like i've been on my bike every day for months...cause i have! Life could not be better. My Trek Remedy is taking the hits and rolling like a star....
Photos of Big Mountain guide Paulo Valle in Davos...and Hans, Paulo and guide Nathalie Grether rolling in Livigno. Talk soon...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Update from the front lines...

Sunny evening here in Davos, Switzerland. All's well. Today we rode a sweet trail that we dubbed "G 10 Summit Trail", a long traversing nugget of singletrack that is one of the best XC rips that we've found in the Alps. Another few days in Davos then it's off to Livigno Italy for some Italian riding....can't wait.
We wrapped up a stellar Cloudraker trip last week...I can still hear people's voices from the group and it makes me smile and laugh. Thanks for the good times all of you...I miss you guys! Highlights? The weather was outstanding which makes already beautiful Switzerland over the top. We rode lots and lots and it was unreal how swiftly and effortlessly our group moved through the mountains...few mechanicals and even fewer falls. What a great trip. Here are a few images. Enjoy!