Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Heading to Zermatt today on the Alpenrock trip. The trip started off well weather-wise but it's turned grey with sporadic precip and even snow at higher elevations. Snow in August! That's what you get in the big mountains eh? At least we had stellar weather for the first 3 days in Verbier and the Rhone. Regardless of the conditions, our group is pumped to ride their bikes and the level of stoke. We've been lapping up the big descents like a kitty with a cup of milk. Yesterday we rolled into our Sierre hotel after 9pm, covered in mud and starving. We descended 12,000 feet...two Brazillians. The hotel was fine with the mud. Gabe from Miami has never ridden in snow...he's praying for it. Today might be the day...will keep you posted. Cheers!

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Mike Pate said...

Shoot! We didn't need all that fancy armor to rip up the Brazillian.
:) Mike