Monday, August 13, 2007


A few days ago we were riding back from Klosters to Davos and came upon yet another turnstile and electric fence. They are common in the Swiss Alps to let hikers through but not cattle. I cursed briefly as i do as we were pinning down a sweet section of trail and had to stop, yet again. I tossed my bike over the electric fence part while Paulo opted to go through the turnstile...little did he know but the fence went up and over and as soon as he hit the fence above him with his bike he got shocked. He was OK despite doing a little scorpion dance and leaving his Kona hanging. The bike was buzzing, literally, as it hung there! Good thing he was tough Costa Rican!

This other pic is Nathalie Grether...hailing from Whistler BC. I was filming helmet cam with Nat today and she is a serious RIPPER! Yeeehaw...

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