Saturday, September 22, 2007


This photo is just before the sky puked on us on the island of Pag on Croatia's Dalmatian coast. a bad-ass storm came barelling in like a freight train and i love big tropical storms. BOOM! this island is barren, stark, rugged. all rock and some scub brush. cool place.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

eastern europa

Greetings from Ljubjlana, Slovenia. Have you ever been here? It's very nice. A small city of about 300,000 full of students and a sweet little old center of the city that kind of feels like a small town with bridges over a river and lots of outdoor cafes and bars and cool little hole in the wall shops and stuff. And there's a castle up on a hill over looking the town. It's sick. And I'm not done yet. Behind the city are big peaks that look a lot like the Dolomites, grey and rocky. There the Slovenian Alps. I pulled into a small little ski town a few nights ago in the dark and a big bike went hammering past me on a staircase. Looks to me like lift access riding is catching on here too. Then i drove past a bike shop today that was all Kona'd up. I better pop in and check it out. Might have to come back with my mountain bike. For now though, i'm about to embark on a 2 week road trip from here to Dubrovnik in Croatia. I'm pumped.

I like this shot. I had some setting wrong on my camera (the truth is, i rarely use the settings but just go for it manually) and this is what came out. All i know is that the shutter stayed open while i panned. Nice riding too. I'm pretty sure that this is Jeff (hard to tell with the blurr, you know?), a Torontonian who is based in Berlin. He joined us on our Alpenrock DH trip in Swissland this summer. Thanks for the downhills and the laughs Jeff!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the road less travelled

Hey, just a quick note from Nice. I'm hanging with Carla from the Kootenays and we're on the way from a road bike trip in the Dordogne region of France that she was leading, to Croatia for another roadie trip. On the way to the Dordogne i stopped in Provence, one of my fav places to road ride in Europe and had my ass whooped by photographer Scott Markewitz, from Utah who spends lots of time in France with his french wife. Scott is in amazing shape. I thought i was in good shape after a summer of climbing and descending the Alps, I guess not! I took a few photos in Apt, hope you like them. Tomorrow we drive south all day. I will let you know how it goes.