Sunday, August 05, 2007

Update from the front lines...

Sunny evening here in Davos, Switzerland. All's well. Today we rode a sweet trail that we dubbed "G 10 Summit Trail", a long traversing nugget of singletrack that is one of the best XC rips that we've found in the Alps. Another few days in Davos then it's off to Livigno Italy for some Italian riding....can't wait.
We wrapped up a stellar Cloudraker trip last week...I can still hear people's voices from the group and it makes me smile and laugh. Thanks for the good times all of you...I miss you guys! Highlights? The weather was outstanding which makes already beautiful Switzerland over the top. We rode lots and lots and it was unreal how swiftly and effortlessly our group moved through the mountains...few mechanicals and even fewer falls. What a great trip. Here are a few images. Enjoy!

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