Monday, July 23, 2007

Greeting from the Alps

How's it going eh? Just touching base from Lourtier near Verbier in Switzerland. Riding lots with a group of 12 from all parts - London UK, Whitehorse Yukon, Kamloops BC, San Jose Costa Rica, Vancouver BC and Georgia USA. Very good times indeed. We rode an epic loop this afternoon just up from the hotel, a 1.5 hour climb and 1 hour descent that was killer - fast, flowy and railing! Dinner tonight was local raclette and red's good. Here's a few shots of Paulo Valle from a few days ago. Enjoy.


Steph said...

Hi Chris,

Thank's again to share your time on the single-track of Fenetre de Durand on last Friday. That was fine.

PS. To drink red wine with raclette is about a sin in the Valais. :o)

You could have a look to my poor pictures on my own web site

See You

Mike Pate said...

Life is good! And I tell you that after that trip it will never be the same. Peace and MO-Fun to the CloudRaker Crew of 07.