Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mehico...Remedias ultima all-mountain!

I didn't get a chance to write more from Creel Mexico...sporadic internet service and busy days of riding and drinking around the bonfire and some jumping the bonfire and a pinata session too. More importantly, how was the new 6 and 6 Trek Remedy? Unreal. Be prepared for a tight tight ride both up and down, just the way i like it. When it's time to climb she was nimble and able to conquer tight technical power moves with ease and comfort. Everyone who climbed it was blown away. On the downhill...plush and quick; a rail-a-thon. I was like a little kid each day when it was time to ride...i could not wait to get out on it!

Here are a few pics...a killer view point of the actual Copper Canyon ('s Cam McRae in the yellow on the right) and a native Taramuhara family watching the crew saddle the Remedys in front of our cabins.

By the way, the riding in Creel and Copper Canyon is KILLER! Stay tuned for more info. We're going to be posting some new dates soon...Come on!


chris said...

Big thanks to all the guide staff at Big Mountain. Riding in Creel is one of the coolest places I've ridden. Canyons that the conquistadors never got to—-hard to beat that. The guides, particularly Ryan and Tyler, have the place on lockdown. Definitely the most Mexican Texans I've ever met, and super strong riders. The mustaches were a bit suspect, but great week through and through. Thanks much!

-Chris from

NSMB said...

Hey Chris,

That was my best media trip ever. An amazing place and you and all the guides did a wicked job keeping us grimy journalists moving in the right direction. I'd love to go back to Copper Canyon - in fact I'm going to make sure I do. Thanks to you and Arturo, Alejandro, Ryan and Tyler for an amazing adventure. It's also whet my appetite for more Big Mountain mayhem. Switzerland perhaps or Costa Rica?