Saturday, August 03, 2013

Summer guide profile: Pete Gaston & Mathias Marschner

Pete Gaston, 26, lives in Aspen, USA. When not riding in the high mountains of Colorado Pete is right at home in the Alps. His favorite place to ride? Zermatt, Switzerland. When not guiding for Big Mountain Adventures in Europe Pete can be found climbing and skiing throughout the winter as a Salomon Freeskiing athlete. Pete and his brother John also founded Strafe Outerwear, a technical snow sports outerwear company. Pete will be co-guiding our CrossAlps trip, August 17-25 and our Swiss Cloudraker trip, September 2-10. 

Pete Gaston, right at home in the Alps.

46 year old, Munich-based Marschner did his first north to south trans-alp mountain bike crossing in 1999. Since then he’s ridden across the Alps annually on a variety of different routes. The route on this CrossAlps trip is the result of a culmination of these years of exploration. His philosophy of guiding and riding are summed up in three words: bike, nature and soul. Mathias is at the helm of this year's CrossAlps trip, August 17-25.

Mathias cleaning up before the big descent.


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