Thursday, April 11, 2013

5 reasons why our new CrossAlps trip rocks.

We've developed a new all-mountain / enduro trip called CrossAlps that we think you'll find interesting. It goes like this: we pick you up in Munich, Germany and transfer to the Austrian ski town of St. Anton where we'll ride the next seven days through Austria, Switzerland and  Italy. Local guides, four countries and a whole lot of good times. The date is August 17-25, 2013. Want to come?

Crossing the Alps one pedal stroke at a time.

5 reasons why our new CrossAlps trip rocks:

#1. The route does not conquer the Alps from North to South as direct as possible like many Trans Alp routes. Instead we devised a route that passes over the most beautiful passes and includes the best rides that we could find, even if it means a few deviations.

#2. We don’t end the trip in Lake Garda like most routes, but instead we cross some of the most impressive regions of the Swiss and Italian Alps, ending on the beach of very bella Lake Como. 
Another day in paradise.

#3. Our goal isn’t to aim for greatest/longest/fastest but rather the mostest funest. Oh, we mean the most fun. That means very little asphalt, some very fun double track and singletrack jewels such as the descents from Idalp to Heidelberger Hütte, the Fimba Pass, the Corviglia FlowTrail  and Lake Como’s Traccionlino as our final ‘digestive.’

#4. Yes, we use the odd lift. With some trans Alpers it’s practically the law that every single meter needs to be ridden. Not us. If a shuttle is available and brings us to great riding, we’ll take it. This means using the Swiss Red Train, some lifts or the van once in a while to increase percentage of good times. 

Zee Red Train.

#5. CrossAlps is not a ‘challenge’ ride where only the strongest survive and riding consists of a being in a psychological tunnel. Instead, we’ll enjoy the awesome scenery, the riding, each other’s company and the culture of each region. Be it soaking up Austria’s welcoming Tyrolean “Gemütlichkeit” vibe, enjoying Swiss perfection on the train, sipping a few Italian cappuccinos, feasting Swiss Engiadin cuisine and doing our best to learn the host of languages along the way.

With great effort comes great reward.

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