Thursday, June 14, 2012

7 Facts about Switzerland.

7 Facts about Switzerland.

1. Monks and clergy were the first true pioneers of alpine exploration in the Swiss Alps. The earliest recorded ascent of a prominent peak was in 1387 when six priests bagged 2132 meter Pilatus and were promptly thrown in jail for breaking the law. It's no longer illegal to climb mountains in die Schweitz.

2. Switzerland is home to the highest peaks, largest glaciers and deepest valleys in the European Alps.
Trail carved out of rock in Zermatt.

3. Switzerland has over 37, 000 miles of singletrack.

4. One of the most appealing aspects of riding in the Swiss Alps is the mixture of cultural and natural beauty which blends smoothly. And the cheese and chocolate that is consumed during every meal.

5. Switzerland has the highest vineyard in Europe, the Visperterminen, Valais, at 3949 feet. The Italians are trying to beat this with a newly planted vineyard in Cortina that's 100 meter higher.

Ryan Bowland and the Aletch glacier.
6. Europe's longest glacier is the Aletch in the Valais, 14 miles long.

7. Switzerland has 48 peaks over 4000 meters, more than any other country in Europe. France's Mont Blanc is Europe's highest peak at 4808 meters.

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