Sunday, May 06, 2012

Perspectives: from shop mechanic to professional guide

From some of the highest zones in the Alps, to the prairie foothills of Calgary, the last few years of my mountain bike career has been an incredible journey. I’ve gone from wrenching on bikes and dreaming of travel, to living in some of the most spectacular riding zones in the world, and taking on the head guide position for the industry’s leader in adventure travel. To stay active and relevant in Calgary’s cycling community, I’ve involved myself with organizing movie premiere’s and events, but organizing Anthill Films’ latest flick, Strength in Numbers was easily the most rewarding.
Calgary premiere. I think i'll stick around for Miss Bala at 9pm, sounds like a great show.
A full section of Strength in Numbers was filmed with Big Mountain Bike Adventures, in the Valais region of Switzerland. The trails and people captured are experiences and familiar faces i’m proud to call some of my own. From the Pellissier family of the Hotel la Vallee in Lourtier, to co-workers Chris Winter and Wade Simmons. The epic trails and memories of Switzerland were captured beautifully by the Anthill crew, and I was lucky enough to be around to see these boys hard at work.
Mountain biker crowd: 1 girl, 34 guys.
During my time with the 2011 Alpenrock DH trips, Matt Hunter, Wade Simmons, and the Anthill crew landed in Switzerland to film this section of their movie, and share a our beautiful hotel with the guests. They met up with Verbier local Ludovic May, and between heli-time and sunrise/sunset shoots, were pinned what seemed like 24 hours a day. Watching these professionals go after their shared vision was nothing short of inspirational. To be able to personally know these trails, see the Anthill team working on them, and then third see the area captured in the greatest film of the year, was an incredible viewpoint
Stephen Matthews on the mic!
BigMountain Bike Adventures was a fantastic and perfect sponsor for a nearly sold out show. We packed in the seats and flooded the crowd with prizes. The movie was special to me because it showed a process that i’ve personally seen work. First thing is to get out there, become involved in the scene you love, and then seize the opportunities presented. In the future, it may give you a completely unique perspectives that no one else will ever have.
Words Stephen Matthews.

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