Saturday, February 27, 2016

7 reasons to book a trip with us!

7 reasons why our riders return year after year...according to a recent participant of our BC "Sea to Sky" trip.

1.      The sense of freedom – all I have to worry about is getting to the end of each day in one piece. And that itself is hardly a worry as I had complete faith in our Big Mountain Bike Adventures' guides not pushing as past our abilities. Just getting on that bike in yet another exquisite location and just turning the pedal – what a privilege !

2.      The sense of actually experiencing the country , not just being an observer from a vehicle . Similar I guess to hiking but I think the added adrenalin further connects you to your environment.

3.      The balance between exercise , great food, good sightings , special accommodation  – in fact I think you have got the balance pretty perfect for a bunch of middle-agers trying to stay in touch with our youth !

4.      The riding was wonderfully varied and  always seems to have one testing day, just lovely. Exactly what we need to remind us just to go out and do it.

5.      Then of course the fun of spending time with our friends. Somehow there is a constant cocktail of irreverent mischief that follows this group. And this is where I would most like to compliment your guiding style – you calmly dealt with too much noise , terrible language and generally poor behaviour , without so much as developing a nervous tic. 

6.      The local guides all add a special touch to the day – we just know we are going to experience the best the terrain can offer. 

7.      I personally thought this trip offered us the best mix of all of the element of the previous trips , including the culture on offer!

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