Thursday, July 07, 2011

Seb Kemp.

Working with us this summer is none other than legendary rider, coach, trail builder and journalist Seb Kemp. You might have read his exploits in Bike Magazine or NSMB.COM or DIRT or NZ's Spoke, or maybe you've never heard of him? Either way, we're pumped to have Seb at the helm of a private British Columbia all-mountain trip that hits Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and the Chilcotins, and on a private Swiss DH trip with guide Stephen Matthews. There's no one better to show you around and show you a great time.

When asked about his mountain bike background, Mr. Kemp speaks:

"I am a nomad following the warmer months of the globe, and a gypsy with no caravan. Bikes, in all their forms, have consumed my life since I was very young. I am just as happy doing all day xc epics in the backcountry as I am pounding laps in a bike park or floating through a freshly slapped line of jumps. I choose not to blinker myself to thinking that mountain biking is anything in particular. Mountain biking is many things to many people. In the end it's all just playing with toys and it is all fun.
I am fortunate enough to be allowed a voice through numerous magazines and websites ( and, as well as my own page,  Some wise ass once said those that can't do, teach. Well, what I have found is that those that can, can't necessarily teach, and everyone, whether they can or can't, could do with some coaching. I have worked as a coach in the Whistler Bike Park for three summers as well as guiding in the Sea to Sky Corridor of BC and in New Zealand for several years. Coaching and guiding feels like the most honest way of helping people enjoy their mountain bike experience to the fullest. I am also a hired gun and build trails all over the world. Putting tools into the earth and creating shapes for riding upon is the ultimate form of expression and payback for any mountain biker. It also gives you mean callouses and keeps the hairs on your chest taut and curly. Important things to have if you want to lure a lady figure back to your cave."
Deeper thoughts, enjoying a cool bevie with friends post ride.

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