Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scoping big lines for Anthill.

Yesterday I set out with La Vallee hotel owner Jean-Marc Pellissier in his backyard for a six-hour hike to a high-alpine cabin perched on a moraine. The weather was looking iffy and just as it is in the high mountains of Switzerland in the summertime we encountered rain, a snow squall, glorious sunshine and generally cool temps. What a day. The cabin was more like a modern dwelling that sleeps nearly 100 and cost three million Swiss Francs to build. Leave it to the Swiss. Why were we hiking you ask? We were looking for epic singletrack to be included in Anthill Films' next movie called Strength in Numbers which comes out in April 2012. Discovering what we did yesterday, I can tell you that the Swiss segment is going to be pretty amazing...
Just before the July 20 snow squall.

Big mountains.

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