Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Nice Place To Be.

This is going to sound somewhat contradictory to what we preach here at Big Mountain Adventures, the leader in mountain bike travel...but oh well, here it goes. I'm spending the week on an island off the coast of BC, not far from home, that features long stretches of white sandy beaches littered with driftwood, dead quiet roads, eagles perched in trees, beauty mixed forest on a carpet of ferns and electro-green moss...and a tightly knit network of fast and flowy carvable singletrack. Man the riding is good. My point, you see, is that I'm a mere few hours from my own garage. No planes, no trains to get here. It's nice to find such a sweet little gem just around the corner. Adventure, is all perspective. It can be in the trails in the park at the end of your big city street where you ride with your five year-old daughter, or the loop that you do every week-end with your buds or the pump track that you hit every summer evening that you can at your neighbours. Summer is here and it's prime time to ride mountain bikes. So get out and find some adventure on your bike, be it across the street or across the world. Enjoy.

Nice view from here.

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