Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Border crossing.

There are just a few place in the world where you can mountain bike up and over a pass on singletrack and into another country. A few days ago we did just this. The approach to this border into Italy from Switzerland is unique: shuttle where we unload on a dam (coinsidentely Europe's biggest curved dam), ride starts with a climb that's inside a long tunnel then a traverse above a teal-green lake some more climbing on switchbacks and then a 45 min. hike a bike to 2750 m. We brought our passports but there was no one to check them. Then it was a very long downhill to a bustling town, beer, fine wine and a great dinner.
Tate, Euan and guide Pete Gaston nearing the border of Italy.

Big mountain chillin'.

Mandatory walk!

A well-deserved pasta dinner. Supported by beautiful Amarone.

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