Thursday, June 23, 2011

Never stop dreaming.

I received this email today from a client who joined us in Switzerland in 2005 on a trip that I'll never forget. I remember that the weather was brutal but the group that came together on this one was all-time and we banded together like old friends and explored the high-Alps with passion. It's so inspiring to read what he's decided to do with his time. One pedal stroke at a time.

Salut Chris,

How are you? Long time no talk. I have seen tons of new super exciting adventures (Nepal!!!) being added to your list of trips. This is great and I am very happy to see Big Mountain getting so successful with you at the helm.

Since I saw you last in May 2008 at your house, things have changed a lot. As you may remember, I tried to book a few trips with you yet my travel plans always changed as my company will change my vacation dates at the last minute. So last October, tired of not getting enough time to travel, I retired from the cruise business and decided to go bike the world. It is a big bold decision for someone with no touring experience whatsoever. I grabbed by carbon fiber hardtail, attahced a bob trailer and headed south (by plane). I first started in Argentina where I biked from Ushuaia to Equador. In the 5 months spent in South America, I went to Antarctica on a cruise, biked southern Patagonia through Chile, hiked to Machu Picchu, visited the Galapagos and did some great mountain biking in Bolivia yet I had to short of a time in Peru to experience the amazing diversity of trails offered. I am currently biking north from Los angeles to Alaska then east to Quebec City. In the late fall, I should be flying to Cape Town to bike accross Africa all the way to Cairo.

As I would be in Vancouver staring from this upcoming Saturday for about a week, I was wondering if you were in town and available for a lunch or a beer. It would be nice to meet up again.

I look forward to hear from you

Best regards

"Life is an adventure"

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