Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the weather

Sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun!
One of the many things that i like about riding mountain bikes is having to know the weather. I like weather forecasts. I like storms. I like heat. I like cool days. I like it all. I guess mountain bikers generally like the elements. To really enjoy a ride you need to at least look out a window, glance up at the sky and see what's going on, or have some sort of idea of what mother nature has in store for you and what you'll need to prepare for. Are you heading into the desert mid-day where there's no shade or heading into the high mountains where snow could fall or in the jungle during rainy season? Important things to consider. But don't let the forecast deter you from getting out on your bike. Laguna Beach this week? Lookin' pretty nice i'd say. Jealous. Here in Vancouver BC, if you didn't like a little precip you simply would not be riding. It's been a wet six months here on the Wet Coast! Here's our forecast for the week ahead. Time to suit up and head out for some wet weather riding...
rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain!

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