Thursday, May 12, 2011

This week in the Peruvian Andes...

We just received word from our partner and guide extraordinaire Wayo from high in the mountains near Ollantaytambo who's at the helm of our Unforgettable Andes mountain bike trip in Peru. "Everything is going very well. Today the group went to Machu Picchu and I scouted two amazing trails close to Cusco starting at 14,1000 feet! Two more descents that you should know about!!" The guys are very happy with the trip and saying "best trip of my life." So I think everything is going very well here!" It's always great to hear that another trip is going well - after the months of correspondence with participants there's nothing more satisfying than receiving these words. Thanks for the update Wayo!
The first ride of the trip...just a warm up to what's to come!

In the arid Andes near Lima. A desert landscape on STEROIDS!

An old Inca trail. Amazing culture awaits in Peru.
Check out this mountain bike video from Peru shot a year ago. The riding in Peru is STELLAR!


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