Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tails from the trail: Day 2 & 3 in Italia

This is a place that i will return to. This town is called Triora and it's tucked way up a remote valley just a few clicks from the French border. Check out that view! It's pretty rare to be in Europe and see no evidence of mankind in any vista. We only just scratched the surface of the riding too. 

 Facebook. Twitter. Whatever. These ladies don't give two cents. Evan Schwartz taking a moment in the sun while daily life in rural Italy rolls along at it's own pace.

Triora is supposed to be one of the last places where witches were burnt in all of Europe. Crazy. I swear we could smell flesh burning when we rolled in.
Eating is like religion in Italy. This was lunch: five courses later and a bottle of the local red. Journalist Dave Smith and I ended up napping in the sun for a good hour afterwards. Then we went riding. When's the last time you napped in the sun after a bottle of wine and a big meal? Me too. It was nice.

If you could smell this photo it'd be a combination of sage and jasmine and sea salt and pine. There's something about the air around the Mediterranean that's intoxicating and dreamy.

Stephen Matthews, Evan Schwartz and photographer Dan Barham, deep thoughts. Or maybe not. Chilling on a jump waiting for the evening sun to do it's thing.

Schwartzy straight air into the blue.

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