Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Riding Sticky Trees & helicopters in Wanaka

Have you heard of Wanaka before? It's in the south island of New Zealand; an absolutely beautiful town on the shores of a big blue lake surrounded by jagged peaks and grassy rolling hills. The locals are kind and layed way way back and the atmosphere is so cool that you just want to bottle it up and take it home to share with all your friends. Today we rode a killer playground just out of town called Sticky Trees, a web of berms and little jumps a la pump track meets mini-dh zone. Then it was time to get high and we boarded a helicopter to a blustery peak for a very fun 5000-foot descent, NZ's highest heli drop. The ride ended very conveniently at a quaint pub with very tasty beers. What a day.
I found this mushroom in the Sticky Trees.
Mountain biker's nirvana.
Heli + Bikes= Fun.

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