Tuesday, March 08, 2011

North Island blisssssssssss....

Seriously fun. In a nutshell, this is New Zealand's North Island. We've all tossed around the words buffed, railing, bermed, rediculous, ripping...when describing trails. I'd have to say that this place is the true home to all of these over-used collections of letters. I'd like to write more but time is of the essence here as we ride day after day on our way north to Auckland and a one-way flight back to wintertime and reality. So, i'm going to keep this short, and as sweet as possible. Today is day nine in a row of pedalling, we're in Rotovegas now, one of the hot spots for NZ mountain biking. Tomorrow....we ride more...I'll be back soon with more news from the trails of this riding mecca.
One of the dreamiest shuttles. Ever. The ride rocked too.
Breakfast on the pier, great way to start the day.
Post ride dip in a refreshing lake.

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