Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snowstorms slashing the east...two words: Pura Vida

That's right, downhilling in Costa Rica. Lock it in now before the holidays. Lorraine Blancher and Paulo Valle will be waiting for you at the San Jose Costa Rica airport ready to whisk you away on a worldclass big bike trip that you'll never forget. Could there be better people to be your host? Paulo, Costa Rica local: genuine, warm, sincere, master trail builder, strongest rider on earth, great person.  Lorraine, BC pro mountain biker: patient, super fun, loves to ride a mountain bike, master coach, ultra talented rider. 9 days, 8 nights, departures: Feb 18 and Feb 26.
Size XL. Don't stress, this is not Costa Rica. Regardless, she'll teach you a few things about riding bikes...

Photo: Sven Martin.

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