Monday, October 04, 2010

this afternoon in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Oh how i wish i was in Morocco right now. It's sunny and warm and the trails are oh-so-super-fun. And then there's the clash of unique cultures, the epic accommodation, great food and very cool atmosphere. We'll have next year's Dirt Merchant XC trip details posted very soon. We do know that the next trip is April 10-19, 2011.

I travelled up this road, and I travelled down that,
What have I to show for it? Nothing flat.
All I brought were slippers which I took off and left by the door.
A silly calf ate them, soles and all.
Moroccan saying                                                                                             

Moroccan traffic jam: encountering a Berber on his way home with supplies.
Nancy mid-climb. Check out that singletrack on the left...sweet!

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