Friday, October 08, 2010

Front lines report from Peru, Unforgettable Andes trip

Peruvian guide and partner Wayo just sent this email from Ollantaytambo, on our Unforgettable Andes trip: "Everything is going really well on this trip! Some serious characters in the group and they are having the best time on their bikes. Good riders too. Today the group is in Machu Picchu. Yesterday we went to Huchuy Cusco and it was an awesome day. The group is very happy and are starting to say, "best trip of my life." Every year this trip gets better, like wine!" Looking at these photos, it sure is drier than our spring departures. But look at the terrain...some of the trails are like a pump track, bmx track and A-line trail at the Whistler Bike Park - combined...and that go on for 50+ km. Seriously!

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wouter said...

Damn! this trip was a blast!
Thanks to Wayo, Big Mountian, and the rest of the crew!