Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The one?

Could you answer the question "what was your best ride of all time?" Is it possible to accurately respond? Was it the group that you were with? The fresh bike between your legs? The epic location? Or the conditions perhaps? Tough call eh? It must be a combination of all these things and more, the perfect storm of mountain biking good times. It's like skiing, where numerous times over a season you nail a morning, or a perfect powder line in the trees and catch yourself saying to someone..."that was the best day ever!"
A ride that sticks out for me in recent years and has to be one of the best...if not the one...is a ride i did in Peru with Wayo Stein and a group of animals from BC in April 2009. This one was mostly downhill, 56 kms long, with sections of the juiciest singletrack you could imagine. It was a burly approach, a way to long, way to crazy road in the Andes, but of so very worth it. I will go back and ride this trail again. OMG! Trust me on this one. Anyway, here's a photo of some of the crew that day nearing the shores of the Pacific and the end of the ride. Soon after this photo was taken i took a pretty big header too....I was punched!

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