Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Win a summer of shred with BC Bike Parks

Hmmm....summer dreaming...
It's June 19 and you just found out that you won the contest: a season's pass at each of BC's best bike parks - Whistler, Silver Star, Sun Peaks, Fernie and Mount Washington. And, two extra day tix and two nights accommodation, two days of bike rentals to each of the resorts for a friend...and a G note for whatever you want. Beer perhaps?
Suddenly, you get inspired: you call your mom and tell her the good news, you quit the job that you hate anyway, you buy a beater car, toss all your gear in it and throw a rack on it and hit the open road. Summer off. Grow your hair, get some new shades, get some new flip flops. Your roomate can deal with your mail, you set up auto-pay on your bills. Camping, friends, riding across BC. No schedule and no one to tell you what to do.
Enough dreaming. Enter the contest. I am. Go to Bike Parks BC or Facebook. 

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