Thursday, April 01, 2010

Kevin Landry in Squampton

Just up the road from Vancouver and just down the road from Whistler is a town called Squamish...which some call Squampton because of it's trailer parks, red necks and new Wallmart from some angles it shines a little like Compton CA, kinda. Beyond these features lies one killer network of man-made trails built by masters like Big Red Ted of Red Bull Rampage fame and a host of other builders. The place is insane - big bike shuttles or endless all-mountain loops, Squamish is worldclass. This clip is of Big Mountain guide Kevin Landry who built the trail himself. Want to ride with Landry? Well you can...join us on our new Sea to Sky all-mountain or Backstage Pass DH trips this summer and the man himself will show you around. Or we can set you up with a private tour of our backyard. Don't worry, not all the trails are as burly as this one. Put it on full screen, sit back and enjoy the ride....

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