Friday, April 09, 2010

a collision of cultures, somewhere in Morocco this week...

have we told you lately that Morocco is unreal? it's true. think Sedona but transported to North Africa - centuries-old singletrack used by nomadic Berber tribes, towns straight out of Nat Geo, cities straight out of an Indian Jones flick...and a whole lot more. It's exotic yet European. And the very good.
Our current Dirt Merchant trip in Morocco is XC but if you're looking for an all-mountain or even DH trip just let us know, we can set it up for you. Best time to go is September through mid-November...grab some friend, get in touch with us and book your flights!

Check out these sweet photos from photographer Jaroslav Soukup, of pro rider Richard "Gaspi" Gasperotti from Jirkov, Czech Republic. By the way, Gaspi was clocked going 218 km being towed behind a speed bike recently, the world speed record...ballsy!


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