Thursday, March 04, 2010

Good times.

Do you remember that feeling as a super-keener little grom hanging out with friends on your street for hours and hours on your bikes? This photo brings me back to my street in rural Ontario where i'd spend days, summers, on my BMX working on wheelies and nose stands and a 3-foot pile of dirt was all we needed for a week-end of action. What worries? I've decided to take this to heart this year and i'm dedicating this riding season to...having fun like the old days. I know, i know, sounds simple...but put yourself back into that little mind that you had. OK, good. Bike. Friends. Fun. Nothing more. Want to join me in this challenge?

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Matthew said...

Atta boy Chris! Great photo and memories... I recently went through some old pics with my son showing him the bike I had. No ape hangers here. I had number plates, a gas tank and the blister inducing hand grips. My thumbs are still scared. The first question from my son, "Where's your lid dad?" The times have changed but the feeling I get while riding never has.

No trips planned this year as I have a roof to put on but I re-live Alpenrock through the pics I shot and hope to return with Big Mountain and my son in the future...