Wednesday, July 22, 2009

tour de france in verbier

Wow, what an experience. We left the hotel early, just after 830am, and rolled down to Le Chable and the gondola up to Verbier. From there we rode a series of trails and lifts all over the Verbier network of lifts - 12,500 feet of descending over the day. The highlight was arriving 2 switchbacks from the finish of the Verbier stage of the Tour. We had an hour before the riders came through...time for a beer or two...the spectacle of sponsors and support cars was insane and then the helicopter arrived below us on the mountain and we knew that the riders were coming...Contador had pulled away and was in the lead, followed by a very worked Lance. Killer day of mountain biking with a big ol cherry on top.

Colorful spectators...

Lance, visibly blown and realizing that Contador is a serious threat.

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