Thursday, May 07, 2009

Back at home

The planet is getting smaller and smaller. 24 hours ago I was interacting with people who've lived the same way for generations, surviving along with the cycles of the earth, and a blue pill later (sleeping pill, don't worry) and a few quick flights...and i'm sitting back in Vancouver deciding if i should wear my tan shoes with the blue slacks or the brown ones as i make plans for the week-end via my iPhone and email. Who's better off one wonders? One thing i know for sure, it sure was nice to have a hot shower, brush my teeth with sink water, not have diarrhea, have a burger on the Q, oh and the games on tonight...

Funny photo of some band members and a dancer chilling before a parade. I feel like the guy with the trumpet right now.

I'm not sure the significance of these fancy balaclava-tuques but talk about spooky eh?

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