Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chilcotin week-end

It's been great to ride some classics here in BC after spending so much time on the road discovering and exploring the world. You really appreciate the backyard I tell you. One such nugget is our Chilcotin Range, about 3 1/2 hours north of Whistler up and over an old dusty logging road. It's a bitch to get to but so very worth it. The forecast looked great so we packed up a big crew-cab pick-up with Big Mountain guide Ryan Sullivan, his wife Cathrine and Jory and flew up to remote Lorna Lake where we camped a night. It was so nice, the moon was nearly full as we sat around the fire. The next day we climbed up and over Lorna Pass, along Tyaughton Creek, then up to Spruce Lake, along the High Line and then all the way down Gun Creek. What a ripper of a day!!! 10 1/2 hours later...and very weary we rolled in and set up camp. We're going to re-launch our Chilcotin trip in 2009...stay tuned.

Unloading the Beaver on Lorna Lake.

Jory, railing the High Line.

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