Sunday, August 03, 2008

As good as it gets

Joe Schwartz and i just wrapped up a 9-day Cloudraker trip that will go down in the books. The group consisted of crazy Californians, tough Canucks and a stylin' Swiss German and all were on fire - we all ate up as many big days as we could swallow on this trip, big big days!! We ripped up some amazing terrain and unreal rides together. The group gelled like old friends and solid bonds were forged right from day one. Thanks to all for a great trip...

Here's a photo of some of our group after a wet descent in Zermatt. We logged 14,000+ vertical feet of descending on this day.

A sweet photo of Joe. If you look really closely you'll see a Swiss flag flappin' on his back. It was Aug 1, Swiss Day!

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