Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 20: Squamish BC

I officially broke the seal of the 2008 season last week-end with a blower ride in Squamish, BC. Squampton, as the locals call it, is a sleeper all-mountain mecca, a pedallable North Shore-esque playground but more of the singletrack kind. It's one of my favorite places to ride anywhere with technical and short power climbs where you have to creep forward on your seat, keep the pedals turning evenly and strongly, look ahead to pick the right line and try not to turn blue in the face. And the orchestration of finesse, balance, line choice and exaggerated body language while working both brakes and trying not to kill yourself. You know what i mean, good times! It's a true test of an all mountain bike. Speaking of that, I had the pleasure of riding with my riding buddies from Whistler, Pemberton and Squamish - 14 of us in total - whom 10 of were riding Ian Ritz' rowdy brainchild, the Chromag hardtail. Chromag Bikes was born in Whistler and tested on the local trails that demand tough and performance. Needless to say, the boys on the Chromags were pinning it!

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