Friday, May 18, 2007


Hey mountain's been awhile. How's the spring riding season doing in your neck of the woods? This time of the year you just can't get enough eh? Like candy. I just returned from a 2 week trip in Southern Africa - Botswana and South Africa. Very cool experiences indeed. We ventured into some classic African bush zones including mountain grasslands and savannahs and saw a plethora of wildlife on foot, bike and land rover. Highlights? In Botswana while camping under the stars in a 70,000 acre game reserve, taking my turn at night-watch from 2-3 AM while listening to howling hyenas, snorting impalas and roaring lions in the darkness. You definitely want to keep the fire stoked! And then surprising a heard of 20+ elephant while riding across the vast savannah. Here are a few pics. Enjoy. Happy riding.....

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