Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Hey friends, what's happening? I just returned from a ski trip in Kashmir, riding on this trip, but thought that you might be interested anyhow. I was there with Ride Guide (they do a winter version) and SKIER magazine out of Canada. I was there with skiers Ryan Oakden and Keven Hjertas. Kashmir was wild...with a heavy military presence due to the ongoing struggle between Pakistan and India over the territory, yet a very warm and welcoming local (mostly muslim) population. The skiing was unreal with a new gondola that dropped us off at 4200 meters. The problem was that it broke down lots and the frustrating Indian bureaucracy kept it shut down often. Then we ripped down to the Taj Mahal for a day and hung out in choatic Delhi too. Delhi has a wopping 28 million people! Crazy. The sights in the Indian capital were jaw dropping...rediculous traffic, poverty and the odd cow walking down the middle of the busiest streets. This trip definitely made me appreciate the little things at water, electricity, food.

What's next for Big Mountain? I might be heading over to Northern Thailand in February to check out some trails...I'll definitely keep you posted. Wade and Paulo are getting ready for our back to back Pura Vida DH trips in Costa Rica next month. We've got pros Dave Watson and Geoff Gullevich heading down along with photographer Derek Frankowski and a journalist too. Along with Simmons, they are doing a story for DIRT in the UK, The Guardian newspaper in London, Freeride Germany and Big Bike in France. Keep your eyes peeled for these juicy stories. Yeehaw!

Wherever you are...enjoy! Chris.

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