Friday, October 20, 2006

Ride Guide TV, Disneyland and other treats...

What's up? We're Global television across Canada on Saturday, October 21 (tomorrow eh) to see an epic episode on Big Mountain in Switzerland. Double check local listings for times. The segment will be airing internationally in 60 countries in the coming months. Yeehaw!
I'm off to Squamish and Big Red Ted's place this morning...going on a ride with my friends from Chromag Bikes ( and the posse from Whistler and Squampton! Psyched!!! We are going to hit Disneyland in Britania Beach and im riding my Trek Session 10 which might kill me on the climbs but we'll see. I'll be back with tales and photos from a epic ride with an epic crew...
Oh yea, this sweet fall riding photo is of Joe Schwartz and Amael Donnet in zee Alps a few weeks ago...pinning it!
Laters, Chris.

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Johnny Hall said...

Hey Chris. First comment!

Good to see you are blogging - it's the way to go. Check out my goings on at

Not a great deal of riding for me at the moment - I'm a marathoner now and I'm training for Ironman next year. Maybe I'll start riding again in 2008 (joking!).

Enjoy your winter!