Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hey all! It's been awhile....I hope that summer's been great for all of you. We're in Switzerland for the summer and riding lots. It's been unreal. Our trips are getting better each year as we discover new variations of trails, meet new local riders to ride with and tighten up the logistics. The weather went from heat wave to snow in the high alpine in early August. Yes, snow. In August. Alas, we still had a blast riding in the tough weather. That's the beauty of mountain biking and mountain bikers...we all love a good adventure! Now the weather is better and we have been filming with Ride Guide TV for the past 10 days in Zermatt and the Verbier area. The footage that we captured is UNREAL. The crew consisted of Joe, Pete, Evan Schwartz from Nelson BC, Paulo Valle from Costa Rica, Nathalie Grether from Whistler, Jonny Cohen from Cape Town South Africa, Gary Cameron from London and Al Pittar, a UK rider based in Zermatt. All-star crew! Ride Guide is doing a full episode on Big Mountain Bike Adventures in Switzerland that will air in mid-October. Stay tuned here and we'll let you know when the show will air. On August 25th we start Alpenrock, a new DH trip with Wade and Joe. Psyched! Stay tuned...happy riding out there. Chris.

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